The News-Item’s cheers and jeers from the past week of news:
Cheers to the Mount Carmel Area Joint Veterans Committee on recently conducting its 450th Changing of the Colors flag raising ceremony. In a week in which we heard heart-wrenching stories about local soldiers whose remains have never come home or have not been positively identified, it’s comforting to know that so many veterans have been saluted by the Mount Carmel group. Once a month, they gather at the flag pole at Second and Oak streets for a service that means so much to the families of those honored, and may represent one of the nation’s longest-running and unique tributes to veterans.
Jeers to the person or persons who stole a wheelchair from in front of the Coal Township home of Vietnam veteran Martin “Irish” Glover. Whether a youth prank or something more sinister, the theft of a disabled veteran’s property in broad daylight is more than just a theft of one man’s property — it is an insult to all veterans and to the community at-large.
Cheers to alert neighbors and a quick response by police that resulted in the arrest of two suspected burglars in the act early Thursday in Shamokin. Once again, a 24-hour police force played a role in stopping crime, as did action by citizens.
And while we already saluted them last week, cheers again to the five local youth who took action when they saw crime in the city, foiling a woman’s attempt to steal another woman’s purse and catching the fleeing culprit and holding her until police arrived. We’re happy to see the youngsters have received plenty of well-earned praise since we told their story.