My siblings and I inherited from Dad his ability to sleep through almost anything. When we were kids, four homes directly across the street from ours caught fire. The fire engine sirens and general pandemonium in front of our house didn't awaken Dad, so Mother did.

She said the neighbors were safe, but their homes were on fire. Dad said he would look at the homes in the morning and went back to sleep.

This past weekend I was awakened by wife Jo Ann in two decidedly different ways. We do some housecleaning on Friday evenings, but I finished first and went to bed while Jo Ann had a few more chores to do.

I started dreaming about Jo Ann saying her nightly prayers and came out of my sleep to see and hear ­ Jo Ann saying her prayers. After a long day at work and another shift at home, she still managed to talk to God before falling asleep.

Saturday night usually features a DVD movie in our basement TV room and that film is usually something by Doris Day. Such was the case that evening, but about 30 minutes into "The Glass Bottom Boat," I fell asleep while Jo Ann laughed her way through the film.

Near the end, I was awakened by the sound of Jo Ann's laughter. There are few sounds more pleasant than hearing the woman you love enjoying herself after a stressed-fill week of work.

Before I fell asleep on Sunday night, I remembered to thank God for blessing me with a wife such as Jo Ann. In good times and bad, we can share in prayer and enjoy with laughter.

Best of all, Jo Ann's and my love for each other is surpassed only by our love of God who brought us together.

Going to sleep with that thought is something that cannot help bring about sweet sleep and pleasant dreams.


Asleep or awake,

God is with us.