I don't have much of a column this week, just have something I'd like to share.

Every year, April Fool's Day kind of annoys me. Everyone on Facebook says they are pregnant, dead or breaking up. Morning news channels pull lackluster pranks. People take it upon themselves to lie more than they usually do, which, let's face it, is a lot. No one ever "got me good" on April Fool's Day, so I dismissed it as lame because I guess I think I'm cool enough to do that (I'm actually not).

On Tuesday, my eyes were practically rolling out of my head due to what people were posting online, I scoffed at a rubber snake someone had placed in a very obvious spot on a chair in the stairwell and I was just generally unamused.

Very few things made me laugh. One of which did was my friend Justin's post on Facebook which stated "I just ate a hamburger." Then he commented, "April Fool's! It was a cheeseburger." Followed by, "Double April Fool's! It was actually a chicken sandwich." It was perfect in its silly, sarcastic simplicity. It also made me hungry for a chicken sandwich with extra pickles.

Anyway. I was going about my normal routine at work and I received a phone call from the front desk informing me a customer had come in and stated "the white Volkeswagen out front had a flat and it looked as though the tire had been slashed."

Completely annoyed, I charged down the stairs spouting off a few choice words about how this "had better be an April Fool's Day" and that "I had work to do" suggesting my valuable time was being wasted.

So, I went outside and I inspected my tires; the two passenger sides were fine. I rounded the car to the driver's side rear wheel and sure enough, my tire had been slashed - four times to be exact.

What my clever co-worker did (along with a certain amphibious accomplice) was attach four photos of Slash, the guitar player from Guns n Roses, to my tire. Well played, sir. Well played. Laugh? I laughed a whole lot. I believe it redeemed April Fool's Day for me. I loved it.

As for my revenge? I'm far to sweet for that.

Just kidding.

I'll strike when you least expect it, gentlemen, so you best stay on your toes.

(Jenna Wasakoski is an assistant editor at The News-Item)