All sarcasm and irreverence aside, I honestly think the "sh** crick" posesses a beauty that is much unappreciated around here.

I have an unconventional thoughts and ideas, yes, but I think it's important to remember that what we are conditioned to perceive as beauty in the world is not necessarily where beauty lies.

And if it takes a look at the "sh** crick" for me to be reminded of that, I'm going to soak in every last ounce of that orange water.

I don't know why movies, magazines, television and other people should dictate what is beautiful on this earth.

Who's to say that a 5'3" chubby girl is aesthetically better than the 5'11" stick-thin model?

Who says big, metal buildings are better than a bunch of tiny homes sitting in a row?

I'm kind of sick of it.

It's annoying that we feed into that garbage.

So, this little column is just a reminder that beauty can be found in unconventional places and what you find alluring should be a matter of personal choice, not what the world tells you is or isn't attractive.

Instead of obsessing how you can be the same, celebrate what makes you different.

Instead of posting photos of other people's sunsets and other people's words, find something that inspires you and say something about it.

Instead of picking out flaws, focus on things you like about yourself, your community and the world in general.

Like what you like with no reservations and just be you.

(Jenna Wasakoski, a News-Item editor, is a graduate of Von Lee School of Aesthetics and is certified as a professional makeup artist.)