SHAMOKIN — Two men accused of cooking methamphetamine in the basement of their Coal Township residence Monday night were arraigned today on 13 felonies.
Thomas Reddinger, 30, and Roger J. Shaw, 42, tenants at 1012 W. Spruce St., are in Northumberland County Prison, Sunbury, on $75,000 bail each.
They were arraigned separately via video conference by Magisterial District Judge John Gembic III on charges of possession of liquid ammonia gas, methamphetamine production, operating a methamphetamine laboratory, four counts of manufacturing with children under the age of 18 in the home, four counts of causing or risking a catastrophe, criminal conspiracy to produce methamphetamine and manufacture with intent to deliver a controlled substance.
“How am I getting charged with this when Tom admitted it was all his?” Shaw asked during his arraignment. The police affidavit alleges Reddinger confessed to cooking the meth, while Shaw allegedly admitted to buying pseudoephedrine and giving it to Reddinger to cook.
“All I know is that they charged you,” Gembic told Shaw. “I can’t tell you why or how. Probably because you were there.”
“Yeah, it’s my house; I’m gonna be there,” Shaw said.
Reddinger offered no comment during his arraignment.

Charges against Reddinger were filed by Coal Township Cpl. Joshua Wynn and Shamokin Cpl. Bryan Primerano. Township detective Jeffrey Brennan and city Cpl. Jarrod Scandle are the arresting officers in Shaw's case.
A confidential informant was used in their arrest. Police say the informant was asked by Reddinger to purchase cold packs and lighter fluid and other materials used to cook meth. The informant met Reddinger at 1012-1014 W. Spruce St. on Monday and later told police that the drug had been manufactured.
A search warrant was obtained and officers from Coal Township, Shamokin and Northumberland County Adult Probation entered about 8:40 p.m. An adult female, not named in the affidavit, and children ages 8, 10, 11 and 13 were on the first floor, while Reddinger and Shaw were in the basement.
The home was evacuated and the 1000 block of West Spruce Street closed to traffic. A state police clandestine lab response team recovered pseudoephedrine, lithium and ammonium, nitrate along with a white plastic baggie containing a white powder that police said field tested positive for meth.