I looked on Jesus and I saw the tragedy of sin; I saw the evil that caused God to turn His back on Him.

On the innocent, sinless One, the sin of the world was laid; Then God's own Son became that sin until the debt was paid.

I saw the spotless, perfect Lamb savagely bruised and crushed, as darkness blackened the mid-day sky and every voice was hushed.

I saw Him writhe in agony, Who never evil wrought, as every wickedness of man upon His soul was brought.

He felt the guilt of murderers, their condemnation sure; He knew the scarlet stain of death, the loss of all that's pure;

The defilement of prostitutes, of those who curse and hate; it was as though He were the one who earned the sinners' fate!

The sin He bore was multiplied by every man on Earth; everyone who ever lived, or has not yet seen birth.

The sins of madman Hitler, of Adam, David, Cain; the slaughter of the ages was thrust upon His name.

For ever soul of Adam's race He paid the price of sin; for Herod... Pharaoh... Jezebel... Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin.

Abusers of little children flashed across my mind; pornographers, drug lords, terrorists... sinners, depraved and blind.

Then, as I looked on Jesus, and felt with Him the pain, He suddenly cried out once more... and then He spoke my name!

As though an arrow pierced my heart, I knew as never before, how infinite His love for me - enough to die - and more!

Enough to be forsaken for my sinful guilt and shame; enough to bear the Father's wrath upon His holy name!

How can I do less for Him who gave His all for me? With praise and adoration, Lord, I give myself to Thee.

- Connie Faust

(Faust, of Shamokin, is providing poems for the Lenten season. Read more at www.authorsden.com/conniefaust.)