MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BIXBY: A daughter, Jan. 24, to Tyler and Shannon George Bixby, Susquehanna. BURKE: a son, Jan. 25, to Michael and Rozalyn Costantino Burke, Honesdale. CAMPBELL: A son, Jan. 23, to Jeffrey and Tara Felkowski Campbell, Olyphant. CRISTI (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL CHRISTOPHER: A daughter, Jan. 20, to Thomas and Erin Grogan Christopher, Dunmore. KELLOGG: A daughter, Jan. 19, to Jeffrey Kellogg and Amber Slocum, Jermyn. PARRY: A son, Jan. 21, to Eric and Stefanie Abda Parry, Dalton. PATEL: A son (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL COLOSIMO: A daughter, Jan. 17, to James and Catherine Colosimo, Scranton.LAMBERT: A daughter, Jan. 15, to Ronald Lambert and Lurramy Albarran-Santos, Moosic.MICHAELS: A son, Jan. 17, to Sean Michaels and Michelle Davis, Dalton.PILPE: (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR CLEMENTS: A son, Jan. 14, to Jeremy Clements and Heidi Strausser, Spring Brook Twp. COLLINS: A son, Jan. 14, to Christopher Collins and Deanna Poplawski, Dickson City. KLOSS: A daughter, Jan. 16, to Leo and Amanda Muchling Kloss, Moscow. ONDE (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BANKHEAD: A daughter, Dec. 6, to Misty Bankhead, Olyphant. DEJESUS: A daughter, Jan. 10, to Jorge DeJesus and Kayla VanWert, Scranton. EDWARDS: A son, Jan. 12, to Joseph McAndrew and Helena Edwards, Dunmore. FLANNIGAN: A daughter, Ja (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ELLIS-MARSHALL: A son, Jan. 5, to Steven Ellis and Veronica Marshall, Scranton. EVANKAVITCH: A daughter, Jan. 6, to Rick and Reina Calpin Evankavitch, Clarks Summit. FALLON: A son, Dec. 21, to Brent Fallon and Denise Richwalder, Old (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ADAMS: A daughter, Jan. 4, to Joseph Adams and Liping Wang, Scranton. ALERS: A son, Jan. 1, to Steven Alers and Kelly Hart, Scranton. HODAK: A son, Jan. 6, to Shawn Hodak and Cheyenne Quales, Scranton. LONG: A son, Jan. 6, to Brandon (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ARMBRUST: A son, Dec. 29, to Jason Armbrust and Christina Rutkosky, Scranton. JANNOTTI: A son, Dec. 31, to Sal Jannotti and Nicole Lise, Scranton. LAUREANO: A daughter, Jan. 1, to Billy and Kimberly Laureano, Madison Twp. MARHEVKA: A (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL BRIGGS: A daughter, Dec. 28, to Jeffrey and Alyssa Stackhouse Briggs, Browndale. BUDATHOKI: A daughter, Dec. 28, to Chandra and Durga Budathoki, Scranton. BURIAN: A daughter, Dec. 28, to Andrew and Michelle Griffin Burian, Clarks Sum (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL CARPENTER: A daughter, Dec. 23, to Timothy J. Carpenter and Amanda Kilmer, Dalton. DIVELY: A son, Dec. 21, to Sean and Stephanie DeFazio Dively, Cresco. EI: A son, Dec. 23, to Julian Ei and Breanne Vanfleet, Scranton. GILLAM: A daugh (read more)