MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL AMIGON: A daughter, Sept. 4, to Jairo Amigon and Cynthia Vergara, Wilkes-Barre.BAINBRIDGE: A daughter, Sept. 3, to William and Sarah Bainbridge, Scranton.BLACK: A son, Sept. 3, to Cody and Angela Popow Black, Scranton.BOYES: A daught (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ADOMIAK: Twins, a son and daughter, Aug. 30, to Jeff Adomiak and Kathleen Loscombe, Moosic. BENNETT: A daughter, Aug. 28, to Richard and Tracy Cicon Bennett, Forest City. BRYANT: A son, Sept. 2, to Sean and Ashley Bryant, Scranton. C (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL AYALA: A daughter, Aug. 25, to Angel Ayala and Abigail Rodway, Peckville. CARROLL: A son, Aug. 29, to Anthony and Valarie Carroll, Scranton. CHAMBERLAIN: A daughter, Aug. 28, to Matthew and Karissa Lewis Chamberlain, Susquehanna. CIE (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL AKEPATI: A daughter, Aug. 23, to Subramanyam and Swetha Reddy Akepati, Scranton.BUCKLAND: A daughter, Aug. 22, to Alan Buckland and Karissa Dalton, Peckville. ENSLIN: A son, Aug. 23, to Dwayne and Dawn Klonoski Enslin, Carbondale.FOR (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL CHRISTINA: Twin daughters, Aug. 20, to Adam and Amber Yaskulski Christina, Forest City.GENTILEZZA: A daughter, Aug. 21, to Nicholas Gentilezza and Lindsay Connor, Scranton.HOLLISTER: A daughter, Aug. 22, to Tracy Stewart and Jennifer (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL CHAPMAN: Twins, a son and daughter, Aug. 18, to Stephen and Nicole Jansen Chapman, Clarks Summit.DEVANEY: A son, Aug. 19, to Michael and Mallory Devaney, Clarks Summit.EVANS: A son, Aug. 18, to Andrew and Sarah Rettura Evans, Scranto (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL COYNE: A daughter, Aug. 18, to Gerald and Kelly Battle Coyne, Scranton. HILLER: A son, Aug. 18, to Ryan and Brittney Basalyga Hiller, Olyphant. WEISENFLUH: A son, Aug. 18, to David and Sarah Best Weisenfluh, Taylor. ZATOR: A son, Aug (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ADDIS: A son, Aug. 15, to Roy and Jamie Herne Addis, Scranton. GENTILE: A daughter, Aug. 15, to Michael and Caroline Muraca Gentile, Dunmore. HUNT: A daughter, Aug. 16, to Carl and Megan Schenk Hunt, Scranton. VIEIRA: A son, Aug. 14, (read more)
MOSES TAYLOR HOSPITAL ALBALAWI: daughter, Aug. 10, to Naif and Nawal Albalawi, Scranton.BALCHUNE: A son, Aug. 15, to James Griffith and Shelby Balchune, Hughestown.BUCZYNSKI: A son, Aug. 15, to Stanley and Suzanne Benko Buczynski, Blakely.CLARK: A daughte (read more)