Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens received a standing ovation from fans when he appeared Monday at practice. They, at least, were able to stand. Not so Mr. Rice’s then-fiancee, Jayna Palmer. As the infamous Feb. 15 security video from an Atlantic City hote (read more)
Many years ago, James Barrett McNulty was elected mayor of Scranton after serving as an unusually powerful deputy mayor. Asked how he would delegate power as chief executive, Mr. McNulty famously said, “I no longer believe in the strong deputy mayor form (read more)

Chris Kelly
The search for Acting Mayor Bill Courtright ended Wednesday, when the headlines finally forced him to return multiple calls from The Times-Tribune. Turns out he wasn’t missing, just busy working on a top-secret plan to save the city from objective reality, which has a nasty anti-Scranton bias. (read more)

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